Create An Attitude Of Gratitude

There is no question and answer today, but rather a message. I am working on this very thing with a client and I wanted to share it with you all.

Your thoughts are more powerful than you realize.

No one has a perfect life, no matter what their Instagram page may tell you. 🙂 Everyone is dealing with something. EVERYONE has some area of their life they would like to change. We all have moments of doubt. Times when we look around and wonder, “How the F$%K did I get here?” and we all have things we would rather forget about than deal with.

Chaos, change, turmoil… all of these are to be expected over the course of your life. It’s how you handle the inevitable roller coaster that matters.

I choose to focus on what is working, rather than on what is not. I by no means am telling you to ignore your difficulties or shuck responsibility for things that need to be dealt with. Please don’t read this and decide that you can “think” yourself into paying your light bill with your thought up bank account! 😉 What you CAN do is be grateful for having the ability to pay the bill rather than focus on the lack of money you will have after you pay it.

Focus on the fact that you have a job in this economy rather than being upset that it’s not the one you want right now.

Be grateful for the car that drives you to pick up your child, instead of being upset that it’s 15 years old and rusted.

I am asking you to begin to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

To let go of that constant nagging voice in your head that is telling you, “I don’t have enough.” To be happy that you have more than most. Be ambitious. Always strive to do better. But learn to be content with where you are right at this moment. Do that, and watch as more comes to you. Thank the Universe, God, the Easter bunny for all I care, for what you have today. And watch your tomorrow become better than you thought possible.

Think in terms of abundance and watch as abundance appears.

Try it…the worst that happens is you wind up exactly the same as you are right now. The best? You actually wind up with the life you deserve.


Fall Life Coaching Offer

The beginning of the school year still means something to me. I’m not a student any longer but it represents the chance to start over. To make new memories and to create new opportunities, both in my career and in my personal life.

With Fall approaching I have a new opportunity for YOU!

September 1 marks my upcoming enrollment for Holistic Life Coaching! A chance for you to have someone guide you to where you deserve to be. A chance to make those changes you’ve been thinking about. September 1 is the chance for change.

I have only 3 spaces left and so I am extending this offer

Submit in writing why you are ready to change. Tell me what it is in your life you are ready to walk away from. I am accepting submissions from today until AUGUST 26th.

The 3 chosen will receive a month of Life Coaching with me for $100.00 ( a $380.00 value)

Send me your submissions at

I’m looking forward to moving you forward!

The time is NOW!

You Teach People How To Treat You


I’m writing this to you as I’m sitting here seething. I am SO sick of the man I’m dating. Every date, he shows up late. If he shows up at all. He always has some excuse, and they sound valid, but it’s getting old. We just had our one year anniversary and he gave me flowers that looked like he found them in someone’s yard and nothing else. He started off being supportive and loving and now he acts like he’s doing me some time of favor just by showing up. I really love him but I’m not sure i should stay in this.


I’m seething reading your question so that makes two of us. NEWSFLASH!!!! YOU teach people how to treat you. This man is doing what YOU have allowed.

I’m wondering when it was that we all became victims? The minute someone does something to you that doesn’t make you feel good, it is your right to stand up for yourself!

Lateness happens. Traffic, life, unexpected errands …all valid. Once in a blue moon. Habitual lateness however is usually a sign of someone who doesn’t respect other people’s time. Not everyone cares, but you do! So it is your right to mention it, and it should be done in the very beginning before it becomes the habit you are dealing with now. “Honey, we are both so busy and so I know it can be hard to stick to a schedule. But my time means a lot to me, so if you don’t think you’re going to be able to make it on time, I would rather reschedule and see you when it works for both of us.” In that very short message you’ve let him know that keeping you waiting on a regular basis is not acceptable. He’ll either show up on time or he’ll reschedule. Either way, you’re not sitting on your couch twirling your thumbs in your newest dress.

I’m confused by your statement that he always has a valid excuse. There is no valid excuse for standing you up for a date. Not when we have every technological advancement at our fingers. What is even more baffling is why you would continue to date someone who would do that to a woman repeatedly.

For your anniversary he gave you dead flowers and nothing else??? Ummmm I don’t know his financial situation but even if he picked them from a yard, he could have had the respect for you to choose ones that were alive.

You say that he now treats you like he’s doing you a favor. Unfortunately, you’ve taught him that he is. Because you have allowed him to disrespect you on an ongoing basis, you’ve shown him that you have zero respect for yourself. You might get upset, and cry, you may even yell a bit but he knows that you’re not going anywhere. People will only do to you what you allow. You have allowed him to treat you like shit and you keep going back for more. Yes, he has proven himself to be an asshole but you have proven yourself to be desperate for love and attention.

The reality is harsh, but it’s the truth. You deserve so much better than you expect for yourself. Your standards are low honey and so you are attracting men that meet them. EXPECT to be treated like the wonderful woman you are. EXPECT to be valued and cared for. EXPECT love and respect and dedication. Stop settling. When you begin to EXPECT love, when you begin to truly love yourself, the right love will appear.

Until then get rid of the dead wait. He’s not just keeping you waiting for a date, he’s keeping you from the life you are supposed to be living!

Focus On What You Can Change

I’ve been going through a really rough time. I’m unhappy at my job, but I need the money badly. I’m behind on most of my bills. I’m gaining weight because I’m stress eating. And now I feel fat all the time so I’m barely sleeping with my husband. He’s been wonderful but I feel so gross and lazy now. I’m 36 and I feel like these bad spells should be behind me by now. How do I crawl out of this hole?

It is a mistake we all make. We assume that as we age, the nonsense of our 20’s and early 30’s should stop and it will be nothing but smooth sailing from here till eternity. Not so… Chaos is something we should expect. Change is something that is guaranteed. It is how we handle these inevitable twists and turns in life that define us.

I have faced more than my share of hard times and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. The most important thing I have ever learned is to focus on what I can change and to let the rest of it go.

Look at your situation. What is something that you are completely in charge of?? The food you are putting in your mouth and adding to your thighs 🙂 Believe me, I know! Nothing tastes better than a donut or two after a rough day. But it becomes a downward spiral and you find yourself exactly where you are. Feeling chunky, not so pretty and removed from your partner in life.

It is proven that good clean food brings with it good clean energy. Eating healthy will not just drop those pounds, but it will clear up your skin, improve your hair and nails and give you the energy you need to tackle the rest.

Once you’re looking good and feeling great what happens next?? You’ll begin to feel connected to your partner more. You’ll be excited about your new look and you’ll be excited for him to see you naked instead of dreading it!

Once your home life is back on track you’ll be motivated to take a look at those bills. With your revived relationship, bring in some new conversation. Sit down with him and talk about where you can both cut back so you can begin to whittle away at what you owe.

The job you handle last. The best situation to find a new job in is when you already have one! There’s zero pressure. Create a visualization board. Glue pictures and quotes that symbolize the kind of job you are wishing for. Make a list of all of the things you would like to be doing at your new job and the way in which it would reward you. And then get to work looking and remain steady in your faith that the right job will appear.

You CAN do this! Focus on getting your health on track first. The rest will follow. 🙂