Life has been “interesting” to say the least!

I’ve been a bartender, a waitress, a PR girl, a VIP manager for a trendy NY club and an unemployed pothead. I’ve lived in a luxurious high rise in NYC and once tried, unsuccessfully, to live in the sticks of Maryland. I’ve dated athletes, hedge funders, firemen, teachers, a Jewish rapper, and an Italian mobster who was dumb as rocks but sweet nonetheless. I’ve lived with three men and threw the last one out for cheating on me. The first one got chucked when I found bullets in my couch. I was raised by an incredible single mother in Harlem, who I buried at 27 years old. I had a father, who I spent most of my life begging for attention from, that I buried at 31. I’ve been broke, I’ve been rich. I’ve loved drugs and men that I shouldn’t’ have. I’ve been the “mean girl” and the girl that didn’t fit in at times.

Now, you would THINK that after all of that, I would be a basket case. But the truth is, it is ALL of that, that has prepared me to be exactly who I am at this moment. I am a woman, who realized that the power did not lie in the circumstances that I was faced with. I held the power over my life. I decided that I could lay down in defeat or I could design the life that I wanted.

Somewhere along my journey, I began to realize that we as women have very few people to guide us towards our “best life”. We may have wonderful friends, and family, but they are not and cannot be objective. Sundari Bliss Advice is your objective sounding board.

I am not perfect. But what I am, is a woman who has been through it all, and who has emerged happier than I could have ever imagined. I now live in my dream apartment, in Miami FL. I teach Yoga, I am a Doula, I write and I work as a Certified LifeCoach, guiding the Caregivers of terminally ill loved ones through the grieving process. I travel extensively and I am able to spend my down time on the beach with my adorable dog Ana-Mae.

This blog is part confessional on my part, and part advice blog for you!

Readers send me questions at needing advice on that man or woman in their life, the boss they’re trying not to smack, the friend they’ve realized is an emotional parasite and sometimes it’s just how to get to the place they wish to be.

Life is so short and it can be all of the wonderful things you wish for yourself! Sometimes, you just need a little guidance…

Let’s do this together!

Live YOUR best life NOW.

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7 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Dear daughter,
    Kudos!! Anandi is so very proud of you! and so am I. Keep on living the life you love and
    self-lessly serving. Much love, Maama Anjupita

  2. I love when people are not afraid of sharing the real stuff… I am the kind of person that looks more for empathy than for sympathy and by sharing your real story, you are showing that you are as normal as we are. That you have been there and you found the way to succeed. You are not giving us a poor you, you are saying “I know it is hard, because I’ve been there.” I really appreciate your honesty.

    I found you because I was looking for a Healthy Cooking certification program and I found one on-line and in their website they post a success story written by you. Im the kind of person that needs to double check everything, especially when you find it on the internet. I would love to know if you truly took that certification. I am an international student and I am dying to take a certification that can help me change people’s eating behavior. I want to make a change in the world, but specially in my country, Panama.

    God Bless you,


    1. Hello! Sorry for my delay, I was in Italy!

      And thank you for your wonderful compliment..I hope that my story resonates with people…We can all help each other if we’re just honest about ourselves 🙂

      As for the Healthy Cooking program…. no…I never took one. Could you send me the link that says I did?

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