Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for only making it to the gym twice since Jan 1st.

Forgive yourself for counting potato chips as a food group.

Forgive yourself for shoving your bills under your bed until you can deal with them.

Forgive yourself for sometimes thinking your kids are assholes.

Forgive yourself for that nightly glass, or 3 ,of wine.

Forgive yourself for not being able to remember the last time you shaved your legs.

Forgive yourself for silently plotting the murder of your husband when he forgets, for the 100th time, to do something you’ve asked.

Forgive yourself for choosing Netflix over that invite out.

Forgive yourself for spending years with the wrong partner.

Forgive yourself for not knowing any better.

Forgive yourself for all of your past mistakes. For all of the negative self- talk and self- bullying.

Self- love and Self- forgiveness are two of the hardest things to learn. But not taking the time to master both, is the quickest way to prevent yourself from living the beautiful life that you deserve. On this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that loving YOU, is the most important gift you can receive.

Love y’all ūüôā






He Lied About Being Married

Question:¬†I met a guy recently at a bar while out with friends. He was handsome and funny and we clicked instantly. He was so attentive. It turned out that we lived a few hours from each other but it never felt like that. He called every morning and we talked on his lunch break and every night on his way home. I fell in love and, very quickly he was talking to me about marriage and children. We even picked names for the babies we would have. Fast forward 3 months, and some gut feelings that turned me into an FBI agent, and it turns out he’s married, has 4 kids, and one of the names for “our” babies is the name of a child he already has whose a 13 year old TWIN. I’m devastated and heartbroken. I’m not really sure what to do now. How do you just walk away from a man you loved??? What did I do wrong?

Answer: Oh honey‚Ķ You don’t walk. You RUN. Like Usain Bolt 100m dash run. Like trying to beat that feisty chick in line at a Gucci Sample Sale. You run like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Every once in a while, the single woman finds what she had thought to be an¬†Urban legend.¬†The man that appears to be the answer to all your future plans. He wants everything you want and is ready and willing and handsome and sexy and HOLY SHIT he calls and says I love you, without being coerced, and has no other children OR ex-wives.¬†When it happens it’s like finding a Unicorn! He makes you feel like, “THIS is why it’s never worked out with anyone else. ” THIS is why I’ve refused to settle.” Right?!?

Nope. Turns out he’s Satan and he’s zeroed in on you. YOU didn’t do anything wrong girl. Do you know how crazy you have to be to name a child with a woman, when you are already a father to a child with that name? Do you know how disturbed your mind has to be to talk about imminent marriage with a woman when you’re already married?

He’s either really unhappy in his marriage and was hoping he could slide from one situation to the next before you found out. Or he’s bored and has no plans of leaving her, but was hoping you’d fall in love and he’d have an outlet in you. Who cares why he did it?? He did it! And he continued, day in and day out, to lie to your face so that he could trick you into falling in love with a life that doesn’t exist.

You’re not in love with him. You’re in love with the version of who he presented himself to be. Who he IS is a man whose married. With 4 children, including a set of twins. Even if he has the best of intentions and he divorced her tomorrow, she will hate you forever. Trust that. She will tell those teenage kids of his that you ripped apart their family and they will never forgive you. Believe that. Because of the way he would have left, she’s going to take him for everything! Do you know how expensive 4 kids and a wife and a home are to maintain? Is he a millionaire? Because thats the only way you’re going to live comfortably while he takes care of them.

He’s clearly unhappy. Let that be his own journey. You didn’t wait this long for true love to settle for a man who tricked you into loving him. That makes him crazy but it also makes you desperate. Do better than that! You deserve better than that!

RUN. Be proud of yourself that your intuition game is strong and your gut is on point! Be grateful that you weren’t pregnant or living with him when you found out about his shady ass. And be CONFIDENT that you are not destined for a lifetime with a man who lies and deceives. You have blessings on their way to you. Stay open. Bad things happen. Let it go‚ĶBelieve me, Karma is a bitch. And it’s coming for him‚Ķ.

The 80/ 20 Rule

Question: I’m 39 and I’m in love with my ex. I’m married now, and have been for years, but it’s not working. He’s an amazing father but a shitty husband and while I love how present he is for our children I hate how absent he is for me. I grew up in foster care, so the thought of ¬†my parents growing up without their father tears me apart. But, my ex is everything I’ve been missing in my marriage. I couldn’t deal with some of his issues before but now I’m seriously thinking about leaving my husband for him. I want to enjoy marriage not suffer through it!

Answer: Here is where you are absolutely right, marriage is not a prison sentence. It shouldn’t be something you have to suffer through. There will be ups and downs. There will be times when you don’t even like your husband, forget loving his ass! There will be pockets of pure frustration and days, even weeks, when you wonder why you ever accepted¬†that fool’s proposal in the first place. And you will be completely justified in each and every feeling.

Here is where I disagree with you, you should never leave your marriage for someone else. Are there probably beautiful stories out there about ¬†women who left their loveless marriages, after reconnecting with an old flame , and lived happily ever after? I’m sure but they are the exception NOT the rule.

  1. He is your ex for a reason. Whatever his issues were, they were bad enough that you dumped him and kept it moving. The mind tends to block out the bad memories and we, as humans, have a habit of only remembering the good about people. Make a list, and BE HONEST, about what those issues were. All of them! Take a look at that list and see what still exists in him today. Unless you dated him in Elementary School, I bet most of this issues are still around.
  2. Ever heard of the 80/ 20 rule? It’s explained as this: You’re with someone whose 80% (give or take) and you meet someone whose the missing 20. Together you have the perfect relationship and it causes you to believe that the “20” is what completes you. So you leave your “80” for your “20” and what do you find out?? You’re stuck with less than a quarter of what you deserve. No one is 100%. Not even you honey. But you need to figure out if your ex is closer to 80 or 20 before you start making life changes that include him.

As a child of divorce, let me give you a little piece of advice‚Ķ There is nothing worse than growing up in a home where your parents don’t get along. Ambivalence, “tolerating” each other, all out wars, whatever your dynamic is it’s teaching your children about relationships. We tend to pick partners, whether they are right or wrong for us, based on what is comfortable and familiar. It’s a mistake parents make to stay together for the sake of their children. If he’s an amazing father, then he’s going to be one inside or outside of living in your home. And if you are both able to remain civil and co-parent effectively then THAT is an incredible lesson to teach your children. Teach them that settling for less than what you deserve is doing a disservice to yourself. Show them what a happy and independent woman looks like so that they become one or pick one as a partner in life. Prove to them that they have two parents that are perfect at loving them so that they themselves become loving people in this world.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be better than just happy. Life is so short and it should be lived to its absolute fullest. If you have exhausted all ways to make your marriage work and you want out then sit down with your husband and figure out a plan that allows you to part with love and respect.

Leaving for your ex could wind up being a HUGE disappointment. Start the next chapter of your life on your own terms, not tied to a new man. If he’s meant to be yours, let him prove that to you while you’re single. Everyone is exciting in a hotel room. You may not find him so amazing when you’re washing his underwear and cooking for him every day ūüôā

I Think I Fucked It Up

Question:¬†I have this guy that I am interested in, however I’m a bit hesitant because of past relationship traumas and I think my insecurities scared him away. When he expressed his interest in me, I tried to play like, ¬†“there are so many women out there, why me?” ¬†And his reply was, “Maybe I like you more than you do. Or I see value that has been previously neglected.” Personally, that sounds good…but for me it has always ended up with men trying to have sex with me too soon and then it turns sour.

¬†He works a job where he is busy most of the time and can’t always text. I am a person who loves to text. All day if we can. I also like to send/receive good morning messages and such. He did that every now and then, but the issue came in when I felt like I was being ignored. I would send a, “hope your day is going well‚Ķ” text and sometimes get no reply but I would see that he was¬†on Facebook.

Eventually it pissed me off so much that I confronted him, and kind of aggressively… He gave me a vague answer back and then all conversation stopped.

What should I do? Please help me. I think I may have messed up, especially with a good man.

P.s. give it to me real.

Answer: Oh honey…. you did what a lot of people do. You let your past get in the way of your present.

You have a history of dating men who seem nice in the beginning and then inevitably screw it up by trying to sleep with you too early and care for you too little. It’s HARD to wipe the slate clean every time you meet someone new. Believe me, I have caught my own 36 year old self cursing a man out for what some moron in my 20’s did. You’re human. It happens.

The problem is, that not every man feels like being the clean up crew for your mess. Your relationship mess is for YOU to clean up, work on and heal before he comes in. Easier said than done, but that is the goal.

As for the Facebook stalking, again we allllll do it. Social media makes it way too easy to find someone, who hasn’t answered your text, liking a post online. Here’s the thing, just because you can see it doesn’t make it your business.

You two were brand new. He doesn’t owe you his free time. Maybe he’s had a bad day, maybe he’s tired or maybe he would just rather watch videos of Donald Trump making an ass out of himself than talk on the phone. He’s a grown man and he’s allowed to do that.

Observe. Watch. Sit back and play it cool and see if what you don’t like is a pattern or a moment. Moments are allowed. If it’s a pattern, and it’s not one you want to deal with, then you approach. And preferably with honey, not vinegar ūüôā Keep it classy…

The bigger issue here it what you correctly pointed out in the beginning. You’re insecure. You have allowed the idiots from your past to convince you that you’re only worth the sex they’re looking for. You don’t believe that you’re good enough. And there is nothing less attractive than a woman who doubts her worth.

You ARE enough. You ARE worth time and effort and love. Every man isn’t capable of giving you that. And that is their issue not yours.

Before you date someone else, date yourself. Love yourself a little more and watch the people you attract begin to reflect the way you care for yourself.

Chalk this guy up to “Lesson Learned.” Believe me, what the Universe has in store for you, you won’t have to chase anyway.

Accept The Fear

Question: I’m not happy in my life. I’m at a job I don’t like but I make good money. I’m with a man that’s sweet and caring but boring. I’ve lived in the same city now for years and the pace of it is stressing me out. I think I’m over it. In fact I think I’m over all of this. I want to start my own little art studio in a small town, but I’m terrified. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I’m 37 years old. Who just walks away from their life? My gut is telling me I need a change but I’m too scared to make a decision. What do I do?

Answer: You know the saying, “There is nothing to fear in life but fear itself”? That bumper sticker is bullshit. There is LOTS to fear. There have been many times in my life, when my gut, or the voices in my head :), told me to walk away. From a relationship. From a friendship. From a job. Just this past January, I left a very well paying gig with no safety net. But I left because the environment was toxic and my gut told me that If I took the energy I was pouring into that awful situation and put it behind my passions I would succeed. And I did. Within a week.

But rainbows don’t happen without rain. When you choose to follow your dreams instead of working to make someone else’s happen, you choose to accept the fear.

  1. You will stress about money ALL the time. Even when you’re starting to get ahead, you will worry that it’s just good luck and you’re about to be broke again.
  2. You’re going to cry a lot. When you have those moments of realizing how unstable you’ve become and how you walked away from steady income and benefits you are going to lose your shit. Often.
  3. People who aren’t on your path, so that will be most of your friends and family, are going to think you’re going through some sort of crisis. They will urge you to date more, or adopt another cat or 2. Very few people will support you because they don’t understand you.

I’ll be honest. None of the above will change for a while. And even when you are living in your quiet idyllic town, and your art studio is full of paying customers, you will doubt yourself and your choices. But at some point, you’ll begin to relax. You’ll start to look around at your new town, and your new friends, and your new routine and you’ll realize you did it! You’ll look through your calendar and see a week of events and plans you’re excited about. You’ll go to bed exhausted, but elated because every tiring thing you did that day was something that was for your better good.

Leaving is going to be scary as shit my friend! But the end goal is so beautiful. Start by picking your location. Check out the art scene there. Go for a few days and just walk around. Envision what your life could feel like if that was your every day. And then just decide to do it! You’re already unhappy. You can stay where you are and continue to be bored by your life. Or you can decide you deserve better and take the steps needed.

You were right what you said. You’re not in your 20’s. You’re a grown ass woman who has the ability to take control of your life. YOU are in charge of you. And life is shorter than you think. Make it a good one…

Loving And Leaving An Addict

Question: My man and I are constantly fighting. He’s¬†a drug addict and he says I’m a¬†nag. We’re 36 now, behaviors I thought would change after college haven’t and I don’t see an end here. But I¬†don’t know who I am without him. And I don’t know who will look after him if I leave. I love him but I also know how unhealthy this is. What do I do? I know how annoying I can be, and he loves me anyway. Why can’t I figure out how to love all of him?

Answer: Loving an addict has to be one of the most difficult intimate relationships to have. Women are natural caregivers and most of us thrive at being one. At our core, humans love to feel like they are making a difference. Unfortunately for some women, this deep need to be needed can attract people who are toxic and not best for our higher self.

You fell in love in college. I went to college and I know firsthand that we all did a lot of things that are no longer acceptable as fully functioning adults. I tried a lot of drugs. Some were fun, some were not. But all belonged to an era meant for experimentation and God protecting children and fools…

For a moment, let’s leave the idea that it’s drugs. Let’s think about things that were acceptable in college. At 36 years old, what if it was, “My ¬†boyfriend still pees in the corner of his room when he’s drunk?” OR “My boyfriend still lives in a 2 bedroom, with 6 guys, using coffee filters as toilet paper?” At 36 these things are ridiculous. But because they are SO obviously dumb it’s easy to say, with confidence, that you would never continue to date this man.

When dating a drug addict, there is SO much tied into it. Most addicts become addicts to numb some internal pain. And because you are his woman, you probably know what all those tiny childhood triggers are and so you empathize. Dating an addict means the “highs” are amazing. He loves you, and dotes on you, and when high as kite probably rants and raves of his love for you. And when he’s crashing or, attempting, to withdraw it’s a nightmare and you love being the one to ease his pain. ¬†I can guarantee that after one of these lows¬†he holds you tight and tells you how much he loves you for sticking by him. He tells you how great of a woman you are¬†and, through no fault of your own, you are completely hooked back in.

You are NOT a nag and you are NOT annoying. What you are is a woman who has moments of clarity. And in those moments you call him on his shit and, as an addict, he is completely unable to see how it is HE that is the root of the problem.

An addict will always blame others. ¬†YOU are the one ruining his high, his good time, his ability to ignore his own faults…

Loving him is right. Getting him the help and support he needs is right. I won’t tell you to leave him, that’s a choice you have to make here. Many people recover from addiction and go on to lead perfectly healthy sober lives, and many people don’t. What I WILL tell you is, YES your relationship is toxic.‚Ķ But YOU have done nothing wrong. You are only guilty of thinking you are all he needs. He needs rehabilitation. And you need to love yourself a little more. Get him in a program and then get yourself in one‚ĶCaregivers needs support too. The rest will fall into place‚Ķ He will either stick with it or he won’t. He’s either going to spend his life in recovery or drag you down into his mess, but hopefully you will come to the realization quickly that loving yourself best is the answer to everything. That’s the only way to survive honey.



The Condom Under The Couch

Question: I’m 33 years old. I’ve been dating this guy for a few years now. We don’t live together. He actually lives 2 hours away. We’ve had a lot of trust issues in the past, but lately I’ve been feeling like he’s taking this more seriously and is finally ready to settle down. This past weekend, I was visiting and I found a condom wrapper under the couch in his 1 bedroom apartment. He doesn’t have any roommates but he does have a young cousin that uses his place to bring girls and he swears it was him. He even called him in front of me, though not on speaker phone, to confirm it. I let it go but my gut is telling me he’s lying. What do I do?

Answer: Listening to your gut will never steer you wrong. It knows before the mind and the heart are ready. But that aside, let’s break down this ridiculousness.

  1. Your trust issues are not in the past, they are very much in the present or you wouldn’t be writing to me to ask this. He’s done something that you haven’t really let go of and definitely haven’t forgiven him for. The truth is, no matter how dumb the story (because men often just do dumb shit), when you truly trust and believe your man you listen to his excuse and are able to move on without a doubt in your mind that he’s being honest.
  2. He’s 33 years old and allows his young cousin to use his apartment as his fuck pad? Ummmm, gross. Here’s what this behavior indicates. He is living in pure bachelor mode. A man who was truly into you, and committed after years of dating, wouldn’t allow his young cousin to be having sex in his 1 bedroom apartment. Because that’s the space he shares with you. Living there or not, as his woman, it’s a space that the two of you share intimate time in. It’s not a frat house.
  3. You found the condom under the couch you were sitting on. Ummm double gross! ūüė¶ So his cousin didn’t have the sense to clean up, but neither did your man! What man isn’t concerned about his woman finding the remnants of a tryst in his home? One that doesn’t even realize he should care.
  4. I call bullshit on the phone call. You have no idea what, whomever he called, was even saying on the other line. If this had happened the way he said, and he was innocent, and he was worried about you leaving him for this because of your past issues with him, he would have had his cousin talk to you directly. If he had no guilt he would have called and handed you the phone. There would have been no middleman. The middleman controls the phone call and your response.

WHY are you dealing with this? I have an answer for you‚Ķ We date at our level of self-esteem. You aren’t at fault for believing this nonsense. You are not to blame for loving an immature and dishonest man. We have ALL been there at some point. But NOW is the time to change the direction of your life. Make the decision that you are smarter than the bullshit he handed you. Make the choice to walk away and not be the chick he and his cousin are laughing at.

Do you know why men play the games they do? Because for every 1 woman who is courageous enough to say “STOP” there are 4 that are too scared to change and so they stay. Be courageous enough. You get 1 life honey. Don’t waste it with an idiot.

Leave. And spend a few months loving yourself. You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. So check your circle! Make sure your girls are go-getters. Make sure your circle is comprised of women who believe in setting standards and boundaries and ensuring that people stick to them. You are SO much better than his lame story. NOW is the time to write your own.

Finding Your Tribe

Question:¬†In analyzing some anger and other emotions I’ve been going through, I came to the huge realization that I’m lonely and I always have been.¬†I know that sounds crazy coming from a child of three, raised in a yoga community who is now married but it’s true. Less so now with my husband and that may be why I’m able to finally admit it.
After college, I freelanced in video and documentary for 7 years, mostly working from my home-where I lived alone- at a computer by myself. I used to go to lunch at Whole Foods and attend yoga classes just to be around people for some slice of the day. I knew something was wrong but everybody thought my work was so cool and I was so lucky to be able to wear pajamas to work and set my own schedule.
In the winter of 2010/2011, I followed my passion for African dance to Guinea, West Africa. My heart broke open. They have a word they use for being together. It’s Wontanara. Not only are you together with lots of people and children all the time but that oozing heart feeling of wontanara is ever present, perhaps a gesture of the land or a symptom of extreme poverty, or an ancient cultural treasure that these people possess. For once my thirst was quenched.
I remember returning, full to the brim with wontanara to share with my countrymen and woman. I did for awhile. But after time, the old patterns of competition, individualization, and first world survival took over again. Things are mostly back to normal and I wonder if in fact loneliness is “The Pain I Attract” (to use your words) in my own life.I’ve begun to take steps toward cultivating togetherness.
I’m now turning down freelance film and doc work because I just can’t do it. It feels like a prison. I work in a tapas restaurant with live music. I have continued to practice yoga and study African dance in community. And I just recently started teaching yoga. I fell in love with and married an amazing man who is truly an angel in my life everyday.
However, I’m still seeking greater depth and care and unity from my communities and friendships, coworkers and peers. I sense that my aching heart is not alone, that in fact this is an illness of the first world, that money actually affords isolation.
I would like to serve my sisters and brothers, honor the lesson of wontanara I learned from the amazing people of Guinea, and satisfy my own soul.What should I do??!!
Answer: I was happy to read what you wrote, because you my dear are on the exact path that you should be.
You have felt lonely because you are different. You soul wants more than the status quo and those who are different never feel like they truly belong until they find their tribe. It seems as though your intuition is leading you to yours. To working in lively settings, surrounded by music. To working alongside people who love food and work hard together. Your gut has led you to African music and your wonderful African husband.
Stop seeking greater depth and care and unity in other people and places. Become it and attract it. Do the things that you love. Choose activities that bring you to people who are like minded. Cultivate your hobbies and interests. Choose anything that makes you feel expansive and light. Steer clear of anything that makes you feel heavy and dark and retractive. And don’t doubt that feeling. Trust yourself. Continue to look to serve your community. Not only will you be making other people happy but choosing to spend time helping others in the quickest way to feel incredible about yourself and your time on this planet.
The feelings of loneliness won’t disappear overnight. You are human and that’s a normal human emotion. But, I believe, that one day you will look back at this time and realize that it was actually your loneliness that forced you to grow into a wonderfully happy woman who is surrounded by her tribe and supported in her life.
 So enjoy this ride, continue to do every single thing that you are doing now. Get deeper with you. Care more for you. Unite with the people you know now. You are well on your way to everything that you hope for. Wontanara.
If you have a question you would like answered on the blog, send me an email. Your name will be protected and your question answered within 48 hours.

The Pain You Attract

Life Coach, and Best Selling Author, Shelly Bullard wrote something recently that stuck with me. “We’re attracted to people who trigger our wounds because we need to work through them.” And when you haven’t done the work necessary, “‚Ķ.we continue to attract partners who evoke the same kind of pain we experienced when we were young.”

I don’t know about you, but this has been true for me most of my life. My father was my hero. We watched Basketball together, he sang to me, he took me on long walks around Harlem and told me stories of what the neighborhood was like before the 80’s crack frenzy hit. He was smart and kind and when I was 11 his girlfriend called on Thanksgiving and told me my family was a joke. That night my mother kicked him out and he never looked back.

In movies, and maybe in real life also but I wouldn’t know, your parents sit you down and explain that while your life is about to drastically come undone they still love you and will always take care of you. Not in this story. In this story, my mother and I threw his clothes in garbage bags and she had me write him a letter telling him how much I hated him.

During my teenage years as I discovered sex, and Mad Dog 20/ 20, my mother tried often to send me to live with my father. I would listen on the other line as he gave some ridiculous reason why that would never happen and she would cry that I was too much for her.

While brilliant, and successful and an incredible Educator my mother was less than the cuddly mom I saw in my friend’s homes. My father’s betrayal, and her own childhood, left her angry and bitter and totally incapable of sharing warm fuzzy moments with me. We fought like feral cats¬†and most of those fights began when I would beg her to tell me she loved me. She simply couldn’t…

By my ¬†30’s both of my parents had died. And it wasn’t until their deathbed that either were able to soften and hold me and tell me I was loved.

Let’s be clear, my mother was a wonderful provider and told everyone in her own life how much she loved me. I learned that after she passed. She just never told me to my face. And while my father was certainly not winning any awards for Father of the Year, millions of people have had it worse than I.

I’m expecting no sympathy. But when I look back at the years of failed relationships, drama and total fucking idiots I have attracted, is there really any doubt that every choice I made stemmed from wounds I hadn’t healed?

If I wasn’t dating the guy who made me chase him for attention, I was dating the one that needed me because he was a hot mess and was drawn to my own light (though dim at the time). Every relationship was painful and had an ending that one day I need to include in a book to entertain those who think “this shit doesn’t happen to actual people” ūüôā

So how did I attract the healthy and happy¬†relationship I’m in now?

I DID THE WORK. Plain and simple.

I could keep crying about my romantic life and how my daddy ain’t no good or ,I decided, I could take ownership and responsibility for my own future and fix my shit.

So what did I do?

  • I stopped dating. Clearly I wasn’t attracting anyone worth it, so I took a break. No men. None. Not even the ones you keep on speed dial for lonely nights ūüôā
  • I used the time, usually spent crying over some man or fighting with one, and I focused on things I liked to do and I did it ALONE. Friends are wonderful, but I needed to learn what things and ideas were mine and mine only. I needed to remember what it was like to enjoy my own company.
  • Once I figured out what those things were, I started focusing on being really good at them. Not to impress others, but because I wanted to impress myself. My boyfriend may be the famous Chef but I spent a lot of time before him impressing the hell out of myself in the kitchen! lol
  • I wrote affirmations EVERYWHERE. There were notes to myself in my car, my wallet, on my bathroom mirror‚Ķ. You name it, I had written on it. And who cares about the strange looks from friends?!? I was healing myself!
  • And lastly, I read the book, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. Every chapter included an action step to start loving myself more. Loving yourself more is the ONLY way to move forward.

And so here is my action step for YOU:

Write down your wounds.

Ex: My mother spent my life telling me how terrible men are.

Be honest about them. Don’t think. Just write. And keep writing until it feels like there is nothing left inside of you. On the back of your paper. Write, “Let It Go” and then throw it out and start working on the list I gave you above.

Face your pain. Face it, accept it, and choose to move forward. Spend every single day figuring out a way to love yourself, and accept yourself, more. It’s only through self- love that you can begin to attract the love you deserve. And believe me, you deserve the best!

What wounds are you letting go of? Leave your comments below.


And don’t forget! If you have a question or a topic you want addressed, email me at¬†








My FREE Workshop

In case you didn’t check the EVENTS tab of this blog, I wanted to leave this message here.

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This workshop will include:

  • The chance to tell your story and hear from other Caregivers.
  • You will learn breathing practices to calm the nervous system and decrease your anxiety.
  • You will learn simple Yoga poses to build strength in your body and improve the flexibility needed for those long nights in hospitals and sitting bedside.
  • You will learn the tools Iana Malcolm used to become a successful, organized and effective Caregiver.
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