I just wanted to THANK YOU for helping me prepare for labor and delivery! I got multiple comments on how well I was able to use controlled breathing to breath through contractions early on in labor and to recover in between pushes at the end. Labor and delivery was such a piece of cake (with an epidural of course)! I don’t have any of the horror stories that I’ve heard from others! We were able to laugh and honestly have a great time through the entire labor including the last push! That four part breath and being able to identify and use my pelvic floor muscles (even if I couldn’t exactly feel them) was key! I only had to push for an hour and they actually slowed my pushing down because they didn’t want her to come to fast! My body and mind were completely prepared!! Nola and I (and Brandon too) can’t thank you enough!! Brandon even commented that it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as he was anticipating because I was so calm and able to breathe right through everything!! You’re AMAZING at what you do! We love you!


Prenatal Yoga classes are pretty much non existent where I live but I found an amazing solution to this problem! I took my first Skype Yoga class with Iana last week and it couldn’t have been more perfect!! My own personal yoga class, tailored just for my needs and I didn’t even have to leave my house! Super excited for my session this week.

Jessica- Middletown DE

Honestly, Iana is just really easy to talk to! It’s like calling up one of your girlfriends. Except she’s completely objective. It wasn’t like talking to a therapist. Iana has actually been through EVERYTHING and she’s not shy about sharing that. There is zero judgement coming from her. She just wants women to stop settling for less than they deserve. I call her once a week and together we figure out my plan for the next week. She’s helping me become the woman I should be.

Erica— Miami, Fl

I was 34 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I am 37 now and it has been the hardest time of my life. For years, I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to balance my own life and caring for my mother. I was angry and frustrated and consumed with guilt for even thinking about taking time for myself. A friend told me about Iana and I called that day. From the moment I spoke to her, it was like talking to a girlfriend I had known for years. She is funny and calming and her experience as a caregiver is invaluable. She’s not some therapist sitting across from you who really has no idea what you’re going through but is giving advice anyway. She’s been through it. Twice! She knows what you mean when you say it, she knows what will help you get through it and she will hold your hand every step of the way. I could not go through this without her as my coach. Iana honestly saved me.

Analise—- Atlanta, GA

My wife told me about Iana’s blog and her work. My father passed away 10 months ago and I wasn’t dealing with it well. I was stuck. I was grieving and it was preventing me from being able to move forward in life. I was failing at my job and my wife was talking about separating because my anger had gotten so bad. I had no idea what a life coach was but at her request I tried it. Iana is incredible! She is caring and supportive but she’s also blunt and not okay with you feeding her bullshit. She worked with me and coached me to see how my not properly dealing with my guilt about not being there for my father in the end of his life was ruining my life. She gave me her blueprint for navigating the grieving process. We talked, we meditated, we laughed and I did a lot of crying. After two months of working with her, it felt like a fog lifted. I’m back kicking ass at my job and my wife and I are rebuilding together every day. I miss my father. I will grieve always. But Iana has taught me how to do it the right way.

Jonathan— New York, NY


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