Sundari Bliss Holistic Coaching

Are you a Caregiver of a terminally ill loved one?

Are you exhausted and frustrated and angry? I was a Caregiver for both of my parents  and I was all of those things. I felt completely alone. No one seemed to really understand what I was going through. I will help you through this time. I will teach you all of the tips I used to stay calm, organized and my most helpful. I’ll also let you in on the things I wished I had done before my own parents passed away. We work together so that you are able to look back with no regrets and with peace.

We will work together via Skype, Phone, or In Person.

Sessions are 1 hour and each package includes

Weekly guided meditations, customized and recorded for you, and delivered to your inbox to keep you calm and sane during this time.
Simple Yoga postures you can do at home, or with your loved one, to keep your body moving and eliminate the stiffness of sitting for long periods of time in hospitals or bedside.
A list of beautiful memories to create with your loved one, while they are alive, for you to share with your family for generations to come.
You don’t have the time to be sick yourself. I give you quick recipes and nutrition hacks to keep your own body healthy so that you can be the best Caregiver possible.
My top tips on how to avoid regrets once your loved one has transitioned.
Most importantly?? We talk and you get to vent and ask the questions you can’t ask of your friends and family.

It also includes my personal cell phone number for 24 hour a day access to advice and help.

To work with me click

All questions and inquiries please send to


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